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Lesley – 10 May 2019

Been told the boys will be rockin’ Beggin’ at the Rivoli Ballroom next Monday (17/5). Can’t wait! x.

Caitlin – 5 April 2019

Hey Stephen, I was just in London last week for spring break and I just HAD to see Jersey Boys and Slave Play! It was absolutely AMAZING I’m so glad I got to see it! I wanted to stay in London longer so I could see it again. It is definitely my number one favorite musical of all time:) I just can’t stop listening to the soundtrack it is soooo good. I really hope I can see you again in Jersey Boys soon!!!! And between you and me, Bob Gaudio is my favorite in the play!!! Keep up the awesome work:) xxxxxx

Lydia – 27 March 2019

Saw Jersey Boys again tonight, and corrrrr you mesmerize me! who’d have thought you could fancy someone so much from afar, but when you perform, my eyes are fixated on you and I got tickets.

you’re wonderful and that little smile makes me melt!

Di – 26 Jan 2019

Just want to say how amazing you are as Bob Gaudio. No one can do it better! I see the Jersey Boys next week for the 5th time, I really hope I can get to see you at the end, Maybe get a picture of you? I will try & shout your name lol if I get the chance , i’ll be the one with the welsh accent!

I hope I get to see the full cast, as I didn’t get to see Ryan last time, but you, Glen & Phillip made up for that!

See you next week.

Yvette – 22 Jan 2019

Just a brief note to say well done indeed. We saw Taboo several times (absolutely super), the Royal Variety Performance in 2008 and Jersey Boys many times now, every time, utterly blown away. Your family & friends must be extremely proud of you.

Heather – 28 Nov 2018

I saw the matinee performance of Jersey Boys with my mother on Tuesday Nov 24th 2009, and we sat in the centre of the 3rd row. It was a fantastic show, and all of the performances were faultless.(Having studied the Program subsequently, I now realize that 2 of the major characters were played by understudies. I would never have guessed.)

I must confess to having seen the show previously. Not in London, but in Las Vegas. In Las Vegas, with a largely American audience – and their natural, unbridled enthusiasm – the cast received a standing ovation. Absolutely deserved in my view.

At the London matinee on Nov 24th, that performance also deserved a standing ovation. I stood for the applause for the cast, and then looked around to find that other people in the audience were starting to stand as well! (Sometimes, British audiences are appreciative, but reserved, as I’m sure you know only too well.)

I have just one final comment to make: I have been a fan of the Four Seasons for many years now, since my teens. Much of their music pre-dated my birth, but I have a vinyl collection of their music. covering the 1950s, 60s and 70s.

For long-standing fans, like myself, the show is a fascinating insight into the origins and lives of Frankie Valli and Bob Gaudio, in particular. And an opportunity to see their hits performed ‘live’, for those of us that missed them the first time around.

Your portrayal of Bob Gaudio was authentic, I’m sure. (From everything that I have read about him, he is an unassuming guy, despite his extensive and prolific musical talent.)

Good luck with the continued success of Jersey Boys. And with any future engagements thereafter.

Ian – 22 Nov 2018

Hi Stephen. You wont remember me but we went to school together. Smithycroft. I can only remember the oklahoma school show we did. Anyhow have seen you a few times and i knew way back then that you were one of the very few that would make it so well done mate.

all the best

ian burns.

Lynn – 18 Nov 2018

Just wanted to say what a great experience it is coming to see Jersey Boys. I have seen your show twice in two weeks and just loved every minute. The first time was on a coach tour from Shropshire and I came down with my teenage Son. We had a brill time but our seats were way up in the grand circle. I hope to bring him down again very soon and get better seats near the stage. I know he’ll love that. I got home from that first trip and raved about it so much my Mum said she wanted to see the show too. So we travelled down by train yesterday (Tues matinee 17th Nov). This time I booked on line and the seats were fantastic. Six rows from the front. Scott was on instead of Ryan. He has such a lovely voice too. It was a really great show. Now I am trying to work out when you will all be on stage together again and travel down with my Son, hopefully before Christmas. Thanks to all of you for wonderful entertainment.

Krisztina – 30 Oct 2018

Yesterday’s show was amazing! Sitting in the first row… See it so close…! I just would like to say : Thank you so much for the experience of your play and smile!

Thank you!

Naomi – 2 Sept 2018

Hi Stephen, Naomi again! Had a great time at Jersey Boys last week on the 25th August, I really missed you while you were away! You saw me after Walk like a Man as you nodded a me when i cheered. I did the Kids Week activity on the 19th August when you were away on Holiday, We got to stand on the stage and dance to Oh what a Night! we danced with Ben and Lucinda, I now know how it feels for you all to stand on that stage every night and your right! When all the seats are empty it really is a beautiful view up from the balcony. You probably don’t remember but on the 10th July when i was lucky enough to see all you four guys together on stage. I got cheap Slave Play tickets and enjoyed that show as well. At the end of the show at the stage door, when i had a picture with you, i kissed you on the cheek! Hope you are well and hopefully i will see you for my 14th Birthday on 21st September. Best wishes xxxx Naomi

Rebecca – 21 Aug 2018

Hi Stephen. Just wanted to say how amazing you are in Jersey Boys. Me and my two friends came on 21st of July matinee and it was sooo good we could’nt stop screaming our heads off. We loved it so much that we are coming again on september 1st matinee in the front row you may hear us screaming allot. We met you outside the stage door last time and by the way i love your accent. Bob is such a cool character and you played the part amazingly. Jersey boys is my new fave west end show as well as my friends and we are allready booking tickes for a third time. Cant wait to see it again in a week and a hals im listening to who loves you right now and are ready to get up and dance at the end we even know some of the dance 😀 xxxxx Rebecca (Ben and Carmen)

Bob – 15 July 2009

Stephen, another great performance last night – well done – superb singing, acting and the dancing’s good too – well done enjoy the run.

Julie – 11 July 2009

Oh what an Afternoon!!! Myself and 11 year old daughter so enjoyed the show, you were all awesome, my daughter has huge crush on you!!! Plan on seeing the show again soon!

Love and best wishes, Julie and Rachel xx

Tracy – 3 July 2009

I was at the show yet again on the 1st of July i was in the front row but behind us was a woman who was a big fan of Glenn’s i think? She was singing and crying and acting in a strange manner. She was saying to her husband “but i love him” and her husband was trying to calm her down telling her not to get into such a state. We all love you guys, but that was crazy do you all get a lot of that? I wouldn’t mind but all that happened in the first half of the show, i might have understood it if she’d been crying in the second half. Lol.

Anne – 22 June 2009

The show was totally amazing on Saturday night as was your set at West End Live on Sunday! Be back to see you soon!

Kim – 15 June 2009

Dear Stephen

Haven’t got to see you in Jersey Boys yet have been to busy seeing Nick Lashbrook in Sunset Boulvard but now he has finished I must come and see you I belive you are fantastic which doesn’t surprise me I have seen you in Mold as The Beast and thought you were absolutly fantastic in that and always loved your voice so to see you in i dont know why but my faverite theatre i love The Prince Edward Theatre its a beautiful theatre so hope to see you soon

lots of love kim x

Becky – 12 June 2009

Hi Stephen. Just to say i think your fab in the show! Ive been to the show 8 times now and can’t wait to book more! Just need to get money, finish exams and travel from Manchester, you guys should do a special in Manchester! lol Anyway Absolutley amazing, i love oh what a night and cry for me and of course the line ‘i didnt even finish my sandwich’! haha

Anyway, absoultley brilliant, can’t wait to see you all again! And maybe even get our pic on twitter again after mobbing you with POW haha. See you soon.

Take Care, xxxxx

Naomi – 30 May 2009

Hi Stephen! I love the new website! Very fashionable! I saw you in Jersey Boys ages ago, on 19th February 2009 and i thought you where fab! I then met you outside the stage door on 18th April 2009 and you very kindly gave me an autograph! I saw you take a picture of Ryan on the motor bike on your iPhone, Did you know my mum rides a Mo-ped so I have to wear a helmet as well. I am hopefully coming to see you again in early July, and for my 14th Birthday! I am excited already! Best Wishes! You are awesome! xxxxxxx

Anne – 30 May 2009

Hi Stephen, another fantastic show last night, thank you for stopping for a photo or 2! I have put them on your facebook page, you must be winning the competition! Looking forward to seeing the show again 20th June evening with my family on my birthday – hope you will be there! Keep up the amazing work!

Lynne – 21 May 2009

Hi stevie thanx for fantastic show on 19th may (mat) you all never fail to amaze or amuse us show gets better every time c u soon xxx lynne charlotte n thomas (wigan)

Cathie – 19 May 2009

Hi Stephen, love the new website. Glad you`re back from holiday as I`m coming with friends to see the show – yet again – on Friday !! Can`t wait !!!! Cathie .x

Lee – 19 May 2009

Hi Stephen. You’re doing a really great job in ‘Jersey Boys’, very well done! I love your photo slideshow, great photos. I love the ‘Jersey Boys’ bath robes. Best wishes. x

Charlotte – 14 May 2009

hi anyone else who reads this don’t you think that stephen is doing a brill job in jersey boys.

Eleanor – 13 May 2009

Love the new site stephen. it’s funky! :o) xx

Val – 13 May 2009

Hi Stephen, just to let you know that my friend and I have seen JERSEY BOYS loads of times and think you are great. Keep up the good work, we are going to the show on 26th May, the mat show, so hopefully we will get to see you at stage door. Best wishes Val